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Asoebi Information

Provide your guests with visual details of your Asoebi like color, material, and even a picture for each item.


Storage & Packaging

Option to store all of your different Asoebi items with us and provide unique packaging to be received by your guests



Guests will have the option to select pick up or delivery. Guests can pick up Asoebi from one of our locations or have it delivered to a specific address provided.



Alerts & Notifications

Get notified when guests buy and receive your Asoebi, when inventory is getting low or sold out, when guests leave a message for you.


No Membership Cost

We don’t charge you to setup your Registry with us. We only charge a small fee on Asoebi sold which you have the option for you or your guest to incur.


Event Announcement

Create your guest list and we will notify your guests of your upcoming event. We will also provide you with a link to your Registry to share with your guests.



Featured Registry

How It Works

  1. Quick Registration (it’s Free!!!)
  2. Enter your Event and Asoebi Information
  3. Select your Package option
  4. Publish your Event and inform your Guests
  5. Track your Asoebi sales

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